Side Projects

In addition to working for Studios, David also likes to create things on his own.

These Are His Creations!

Quartet of Daves

Sometimes you just need to clone yourself a few times and sing a song

Dave first learned how to clone musical twins and triplets (also known as creating split-screen videos) when he was around 11 years old, and he just never stopped

Enjoy this playlist of the Quartet of Daves and their acapella covers of (usually) popular songs!

Hurry Up and Wait: Real Army Stories

Welcome to "Hurry Up and Wait! Short Army Stories", a fun, ten-part vlog series where Army Veteran David uses narration, animation and recreation to bring his short stories from his time in service to life

David takes you from reception and Basic Combat Training to his deployment in the Iraq War with the First Calvary Division through humorous, short stories

Moderate Divide: Finding the Middle Ground

In this time of what seems like massive, insurmountable political divide, maybe we can try to find some common ground.

In this thought-experiment, political 10-part series, David explores and debates both "sides" of an argument - not to mock either side nor decide a "winner", but rather to find ways to better understanding of each other.

For each topic, David asked several people across the political spectrum to explain their position on a variety of topics. David organized their answers into each episode. David "debates himself , though the opinions are not necessarily his own.

Buddy Buddha (Defining Grey Show)

This is a webshow created by my friend, Adam (Defining Grey)

We developed the show, wrote all the episodes together, and each directed a few of the episodes.

I also voice the main character and composite/edit the show.

I hope you enjoy!