About "David Estes"

Side Projects

So you've come to my site, and your obvious question is:

"What's a David and why do we need one?"

So then, of course, you check out the Work History page and you see the 200+ TV episodes, 200+ web shorts/Vlogs. This leads to the obvious question:

"Where does a David come from?"

This is where I'm suppose to brag about myself, I guess.

No one calls it that - no, instead they craft color metaphors while they sneak in little details about themselves like how I started performing on stage in a small town when I was 8 years-old and fell in love with creating things.

They might go on to describe things like how I taught myself how to animate by making some experimental animations when I was 12-14 years old using old classic songs like Surfin' Bird, and Flying, Purple, People Eater. They might explain how a couple years later I entered into a Film Festival where I submitted a short film called Flowers that was one of the finalist.

The story might take an unexpected twist like when I joined the Army in order to break out of my small town and eventually move to Los Angeles. Don't worry - even while deployed, I found a way to keep creating things. I was Takin' Care of Business

But after a few years of building up the resume and working on top notch B-movie creature-features (link not found *wink*), the story will end with something like I landed a job at Cartoon Network where I've been working for over 7 years now.